About Shop The Motherland

Hello. Welcome to Shop The Motherland! So glad you’re here. 

We’re the mother-daughter founders of Shop The Motherland. Our story is a bit interesting and far from average. You see, we had to flee our home country of Cote d'Ivoire after a civil war erupted. We immigrated to America and started our lives over. Could have been the end of the story? Absolutely. Is that what God had in store for us?



We've been a staple in the Jacksonville, FL community since opening our doors as Motherland Market back in 2013. We know first hand the joy of delighting customers by providing unique products and a stellar experience. 

Now we’re doing something a bit different with Shop The Motherland. Our home and physical store is still in Jacksonville. We're also excited to reach more customers across the globe through our online storefront.

Our goal is to normalize ready-to-wear African inspired clothing, goods, and fashion to our community. We’re talking bright colors. Bold prints. Unique designs. Curated collections. Inspired by our ancestors, our villages, and our families. It's modern. It's accessible. And it's all for you.

We are Africa. You are Africa. This is Shop The Motherland.